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Request to Sign Petition re Bill C-277 on Palliative Care

The CSPCP Board would like you to consider signing the petition supporting MP Marilyn Gladu’s Private Member’s Bill C-277.
This is an Act Providing for the Development of a Framework on Palliative Care in Canada, as described in the attached documents.

In Ms. Gladu’s words, “the bill is looking to create accessible, quality palliative care for all Canadians regardless of social, economic or geographical factors. Quality, compassionate care for all Canadians will provide vulnerable Canadians with dignity and care at end of life.”

“In light of the medically-assisted dying legislation, terminally-ill Canadians must also have the choice to live as well as they can, for as long as they can. The Government of Canada must assist Canadians with end of life care, including palliative options. I have enclosed a form letter which you may have your members send free of charge to their local Members of Parliament, as well as to the Prime Minister.

I would like to invite you to sign my online petition calling on the Prime Minister of Canada, as well as the Minister of Health, to act on the subject of palliative care and to make it accessible to all Canadians. Please share this petition with your colleagues and staff to help raise awareness for palliative care. I am looking forward to presenting this petition to the House of Commons as soon as possible. The petition can be found through this link,

Please feel free to contact me or my office anytime at or at 613-957-2649.


Marilyn Gladu
Member of Parliament for Sarnia-Lambton

Letter to sign

Letter to MPs re C-14 and C-277

(June 16, 2016). The CSPCP sent a letter to all MPs in Canada regarding one of the amendments to Bill C-14 that was proposed by the Senate. We also asked them to vote “Yes” for Bill C-277 “Framework on Palliative Care in Canada Act”.

To read the letter click here

We encourage you to reinforce these messages by sending a similar letter to your own MP. Contact info is at Click the link and enter your postal code. Your MP’s name will come up. Click on the name, and his/her email address will be displayed.

CSPCP Recommendations re C-14

On May 1, 2016, the CSPCP submitted a written brief to the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights with suggested amendments to Bill C-14. We were also invited to give an in-person presentation, which was given by Dr. Monica Branigan, Board Member and Chair of the CSPCP Working Group on Hastened Death, on May 3rd.

View the brief: Read More

The same presentation was made by Dr. Branigan and CSPCP President Dr. Susan MacDonald to the Standing Senate Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs on May 10th.

Monica & Susan

CSPCP Calls for Right to Palliative Care

The CSPCP signed an Open Letter that was sent to the Prime Minister, Justice Minister, and Health Minister of Canada on April 13, 2016, as part of nation-wide call to include a right to palliative care in assisted dying legislation. The letter and backgrounder are posted below.



To endorse the letter personally click here, then enter your identifying information at the bottom of the page.

Quote from CSPCP President Dr. Susan MacDonald: “Its a fact of life that all of us will die. Most of us will have a chronic condition long before our lives end, and with that condition will come suffering, both physical, emotional and spiritual. Some day, you, those you love, and those you know will need good palliative care and we need to ensure that it is available to everyone. The recent Carter decision has shifted the emphasis away from palliative care to physician hastened death. Perhaps up to 3 % of Canadians may ask for assistance in hastening their deaths, while all Canadians can benefit from an integrated palliative care approach. To give Canadians true choice, we should ensure a right to palliative care when we create a right to hastened death.”

CSPCP Endorses Vulnerable Persons Standard

(March 1, 2016) Today, the CSPCP joins community and health organizations from across Canada to call on Parliament to adopt a series of evidence-based safeguards designed to protect the lives of vulnerable Canadians.

The Vulnerable Persons Standard posted below was developed by leading Canadian physicians, health professionals, lawyers, ethicists, public policy experts and national representative organizations for people with disabilities and the needs of vulnerable persons. The Standard, if adopted, will ensure that policies designed to help Canadians requesting assistance from physicians to end their lives do not jeopardize the lives of vulnerable persons who may be subject to coercion and abuse.

The CSPCP publicly endorses the need for robust safeguards regarding hastened death to ensure the protection of all persons vulnerable by condition, situation or disability. We continue to advocate that access to high quality palliative care must be made available for all Canadians living with life-limiting conditions and must be prioritized within any legislative response to physician-hastened death.

Vulnerable Persons Standard: Read More

FAQ: Read More

For full details, visit the Vulnerable Persons Standard web site: