CPD Committee

The mandate of the CPD Committee is to plan the annual conference and will participate in the planning for the Master Class at the International Congress on Palliative Care in Montreal every second year. The board appointed chair of the committee will sit on the planning committee of the International Congress.

The committee will be co-chaired by an appointed member of the board and the current (local) conference chair. The committee will consist of the chair(s) of the previous, current and pending Annual Conference. It will be populated with adhoc members as well as members of previous conference committees to allow for new ideas and shared experience. The members will be decided upon by the co-chair and past and pending conference chairs.

Committee Members
Dr. Leonie Herx (Chair)
Dr. Noush Mirhosseini (Co-Chair, Conference Committee)
Dr. Anna Voeuk (Co-Chair, Conference Committee)
Dr. Sarah Burton-Macleod
Dr. Ingrid DeKock
Dr. Rebekah Gilbert
Dr. Lawrence Lee
Dr. Yoko Tarumi
Kim Taylor (Support Staff)
Michelle Veer (Support Staff)
Tricia Redmond (Intertask, CSPCP Conference Planner)

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