Postgrad Training Committee

The mandate of the Postgraduate Education Committee is to coordinate the efforts of the program directors to support individual programs to train excellent palliative care physicians, and to help advance the academic standing of palliative care across Canada.

Goals for 2015

1. Combine efforts to develop goals and objectives for centres that wish to establish subspecialty training programs. This will ensure a high standard of training, and facilitate the process of applying so that more centres will be able to start training subspecialists as soon as possible.
2. Coordinate the application dates and offer days for programs nationwide to make the offer and acceptance process more straightforward for applicants and programs alike.
3. Organize and maintain a password-protected archive of webinar presentations and Powerpoint slide decks for the benefit of palliative care trainees.

Chair: Dr. James Downar – University of Toronto
Past-Chair: Dr. Leonie Herx – University of Calgary

Dr. Charlie Chen – University of British Columbia
Vacant – University of Montreal
Dr. Erin Gorman Corsten – Dalhousie University
Dr. Niren Shetty – University of Toronto
Dr. Christian LaRiviere – University of Manitoba
Dr. Sarah Burton-MacLeod – University of Alberta
Dr. Jacqueline Hui – University of Calgary
Dr. Amanda Roze des Ordons – University of Calgary
Dr. Ingrid Harle – Queen’s University
Dr. Anita Singh – University of Western Ontario
Dr. Alan Taniguchi – McMaster University
Dr. Donald GinsbergĀ – McGill University
Dr. Samir Azzaria – University of Laval
Dr. Chris Barnes – University of Ottawa