SFU: Introduction to End-of-Life Studies

SFU (also known as Simon Fraser University, located in Burnaby, B.C.) is offering an introductory course in End-of-Life Studies in the fall of 2017. This special course of three day-long workshops, offered over three Saturdays, will introduce participants to a comprehensive range of end-of-life issues. Taking a multicultural and interdisciplinary perspective, participants will develop an understanding of today’s rapidly-changing approaches to end of life, integrating insights from the medical, scientific, humanities, spiritual, ethical, legal, and social science disciplines.

This approach was responded to very positively by participants in SFU’s recent course Bill C-14: The Long History of Suicide, Euthanasia and Assisted Dying. SFU hopes to provide a similar experience in Introduction to End-of-Life Studies – one where participants have a positive learning experience while gaining new knowledge about death and dying that is relevant and personally helpful.

Introduction to End-of-Life Studies is intended for health professionals, spiritual advisors, policy makers, researchers, educators, gerontologists and social workers, alternative medical practitioners, volunteers and care-givers, and anyone else with an interest in this increasingly complex field of study. Registration is open at the link below.