2019 ALPM Conference




Expanding Our Reach Together
How can specialist and generalist physicians work together with teams and/or communities to reach out to populations who are often under served – such as people with non-cancer diagnoses, marginalized, stigmatized, and/or vulnerable populations? How do we reach into all settings of care?

Confirmed plenary speakers and topics:
Pippa Hawley, BMed, FRCPC: Addressing stigma, Bow Tie model, thoughts about the future of palliative care in Canada
Corey Metcalf, MD, FRCPC: Immunotherapy from both an oncological and a palliative care perspective
Barbara Pesut, PhD, RN: Palliative care in rural areas

CSPCP Special Session Speakers: David Hui, Venetia Lawless, Jeff Myers, Anne Boyle, Pippa Hawley, David Henderson, Leonie Herx

Conference Objectives

  • Apply acquired knowledge in advanced palliative medicine to treat patients living with a wide range of life-threatening illnesses;
  • Educate medical colleagues (practicing physicians and learners) about palliative care; and
  • Recognize the importance of advocating for improved access to palliative care in local, regional, and national settings.


Please note that due to the advanced medical content at this conference, registration is open to physicians only. We encourage professionals from other disciplines to attend one of Canada’s excellent interdisciplinary palliative care conferences: The Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Conference or the International Congress on Palliative Care.