Annual Undergraduate Narrative Award for Palliative Medicine

The Canadian Society of Palliative Care Physicians is inaugurating this award as a way to stimulate undergraduate medical students to think and reflect creatively about the multifaceted aspects of palliative medicine and caring at the end of life. The award is open to all undergraduate medical students in the penultimate year of their programs and will be promoted to them through the CSPCP Undergraduate Committee members. Submissions may include poetry, prose, images, audio and/or video. The winner will receive a $500 cash prize that is sponsored by Pallium Canada. The winning submission will be featured on the CSPCP web site and at the following year’s ALPM conference.

Criteria and submission information 2021-2022:

English: Criteria Form UG Narrative FINAL EN 2022

French: Criteria-Form-UG-Narrative-FINAL-FR-2022

CMAJ Consent Form

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Deadline: May 13, 2022

Undergraduate Narrative Award for Palliative Medicine Recipients




Kay Wu – 2020/21
Palika Kohli – 2019/20
Candace Nayman – 2018/19
Zoe Lau – 2017/18
Calvin Santiago – 2016/17
Jenny McCormack – 2015/16

Past Honourees:
Dr. Stephen Liben – 2018/20
Dr. Lyle Galloway – 2017/18
Dr. Jean-Marc Bigonnesse – 2016/17
Dr. Pippa Hall – 2015/16


The CSPCP Humanitarian Award

The Humanitarian Award will be given annually to a CSPCP member who significantly improves the lives of underserved populations nationally or internationally through:

a) Direct service provision AND/OR
b) Development of humanitarian programs

The humanitarian work does not have to be in the field of palliative medicine, but the nominee must be a palliative medicine physician.

This award is being suspended in 2021 and will be reinstated in 2022.
Please see message from the CSPCP Awards Committee.

CSPCP Humanitarian Award Recipients




Dr. Edward Dubland – 2020 Profile
Dr. Naheed Dosani – 2019
Dr. Leah Norgrove – 2018
Dr. Susan Burgess – 2017
N/A – 2016
Dr. Martin Labrie – 2015

CSPCP Lifetime Achievement Award

The CSPCP Lifetime Achievement Award was instated in 2014 by the Board of the CSPCP, to recognize individuals who have made a sustained and lasting contribution to palliative medicine and to the CSPCP. The Lifetime Achievement Award winner is selected by the Board in collaboration with the CSPCP Awards Committee.

CSPCP Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients





Dr. Cori Schroder – 2020 Profile
Dr. Mike Harlos – 2019
Dr. Deb Dudgeon – 2018
Dr. John Scott – 2018
Dr. Bernard Lapointe – 2017
Dr. Ina Cummings – 2016
Dr. Michael Downing – 2015
Dr. Balfour Mount – 2014

The Eduardo Bruera Award in Palliative Medicine

This award is given annually to a physician who demonstrates excellence in the field of Palliative Medicine as recognized by his or her peers. It honours the achievements of Dr. Eduardo Bruera, an internationally recognized palliative care physician and researcher. The Award is graciously donated by the Division of Palliative Care Medicine at the University of Alberta to celebrate the legacy of Dr. Bruera during his tenure as Director of their Palliative Care program, with matching funds from the Canadian Society of Palliative Care Physicians (CSPCP).

This award is being suspended in 2021 and will be reinstated in 2022.
Please see message from the CSPCP Awards Committee.

Eduardo Bruera Award Recipients




Dr. Martin Chasen – 2020 Profile
Dr. Camilla Zimmermann – 2019
Dr. Doris Barwich – 2018
Dr. Alan Taniguchi – 2017
Dr. Robin Fainsinger – 2016
Dr. Harvey Chochinov – 2015
Dr. Dori Seccareccia – 2014
Dr. Larry Librach – 2013
Dr. Cori Schroder – 2012
Dr. Sharon Watanabe – 2010
Dr. Deborah Dudgeon – 2009
Dr. Paul McIntyre – 2008
Dr. Mike Harlos – 2007
Dr. Neil MacDonald – 2005

The Palliative Medicine Resident Research Award

This award is for the best scholarly project by a resident enrolled in a palliative medicine residency program.

Criteria and Submission Information 2021: Read more

Deadline: CLOSED

Palliative Medicine Resident Research Award Recipients





Dr. Jalal Ebrahim – 2021
Dr. Abby Maybee – 2020
Dr. Zhimeng Jia – 2019
Dr. Allison Chabassol – 2018
Dr. Timothy Gutteridge – 2017
Dr. Cara Bablitz – 2016
Dr. Jenny Lau – 2015
Dr. Erynn Shaw – 2014
Dr. Ahmed Al-Awamer – 2013
Dr. Andrea Weiss – 2012
Dr. Marnie Howe – 2011
Dr. Rebekah Gilbert – 2010
Dr. Ramona Mahtani – 2009
Dr. Jessica Simon – 2008
Dr. Tara Tucker – 2007
Dr. Pascal Lamanque – 2006
Dr. Noush Mirhosseini – 2004
Dr. Jordanka Kirkova – 2003