Vision, Mission & Goals

Updated January 2021


All Canadians have access to high quality palliative care.


On behalf of its members the Society will:

    M1. Promote scholarship and education in palliative medicine for all levels of training and practice.
    M2. Promote certification and recognition of physicians with special competence in palliative medicine.
    M3. Create opportunities for physicians who provide palliative care to network and collaborate.
    M4. Be the national voice for issues of concern for physicians who provide palliative care in Canada.
    M5. Support all physicians in providing quality palliative care through advocacy.
    M6. Partner with other organizations that share the Society’s vision, mission and goals.
    M7. Promote interprofessional palliative care for patients and families.
    M8. Improve the work life of our members.
    M9. Promote and maintain the integrity of palliative care, while innovating to meet the needs of all Canadians.


      G1. Support and provide continuing palliative medicine education for physicians through conferences, other educational events, and development of educational tools and materials.
      G2. Promote development and dissemination of national clinical practice standards and guidelines for palliative care.
      G3. Support and promote palliative medicine research, quality improvement and knowledge translation initiatives.
      G4. Continue to support the College of Family Physicians of Canada’s Enhanced Skills Program in Palliative Care.
      G5. Continue to support the Royal College’s Subspecialty of Palliative Medicine.
      G6. Continue working with the College of Family Physicians of Canada to develop competencies for the Certificate of Added Competence in Palliative Care.
      G7. Advocate for the adoption of the credentialing standards for specialist palliative care physicians in all provinces and territories.
      G8. Continue to plan and deliver the annual Advanced Leaning in Palliative Medicine Conference as a forum for physician learning, networking and collaboration.
      G9. Provide opportunities for palliative care trainees in Canada to learn, network and collaborate.
      G10. Promote and sponsor initiatives to promote the wellness of our members, development of resiliency, and recognition of contributions.
      G11. Contribute to human resource planning for palliative care in Canada.
      G12. Promote strategies for appropriate remuneration for physicians providing palliative care in Canada.
      G13. Provide education about the distinction between palliative care and Medical Assistance in Dying.
      G14. Collaborate with our partners to advocate on a national level for improved interprofessional palliative care.