Vision, Mission & Goals

Updated November 2018


The Society will promote access to high quality palliative care for all Canadians through advocacy, partnerships, research, and physician education.


On behalf of its members the Society will:

  • Advance the quality of life of patients and families living with life-limiting conditions from time of diagnosis through death and bereavement by advancing the field of palliative medicine (M1)
  • Support all physicians in providing quality end-of-life care/palliative care through education and advocacy (M2)
  • Create opportunities for palliative medicine physicians to network and connect (M3)
  • Promote certification and recognition of physicians with special competence in palliative medicine (M4)
  • Be the national voice for issues of concern for physicians providing palliative care in Canada (M5)
  • Promote high standards of interprofessional palliative care of patients and families (M6)
  • Partner with other organizations that share the Society’s vision, mission and goals (M7)

    • Continue to support the CFPC Certificate of Added Competence in Palliative Care one year training program through the Family Medicine Enhanced Skills Residency Programs (G1)
    • Continue to support the Royal College Subspecialty of Palliative Medicine and the new subspecialty residency programs (G2)
    • Continue working with the College of Family Physicians of Canada to develop and implement a Certificate of Added Competence in Palliative Care (G3)
    • Support and provide continuing palliative medicine education for practicing physicians through conferences, other educational events, and development of educational tools and materials (G4)
    • Establish and monitor an appropriate human resource plan for palliative care and palliative medicine in Canada (G5)
    • Promote strategies for appropriate remuneration for physicians providing palliative/end of life services within Canada (G6)
    • Promote development and dissemination of national clinical practice standards and guidelines regarding topics relevant to physician practice (G7)
    • Support the activities of committees, working groups and special interest groups/sections within the Society to address the vision, mission and goals of the Society (G8)
    • Maintain forums for collaboration and communication between physicians at all levels of training and practice (G9)
    • Promote interdisciplinary palliative care research and knowledge translation in Canada (G10)
    • Engage in public health policy development, including (but not limited to): increasing access to affordable and equitable palliative care, increasing the quality of the care available, and incorporating and normalizing advance care planning as part of routine comprehensive care (G11)
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