ALPM 2017 Presentations


Presentations will be added as received.

Thursday, June 1

OPENING KEYNOTE – Charles Von Gunten
Respect: Earning our place at the table. Towards a cultural change in medicine.



CSPCP Special Session (Part I)
Current Educational Approaches to Palliative Care in Canada

Anne Boyle
James Downar – Presentation
Leonie Herx – Presentation (Herx & Voeuk)
Anna Voeuk
Charles von Gunten – Presentation
15:45-17:30 CSPCP Special Session (Part II)
Capacity Building for Palliative Care in Canada
Doris Barwich – Presentation
David Henderson – Staffing Model; NS Palliative Care
Jeff Myers – Presentation

Friday, June 2



KEYNOTE – Robin Fainsinger
I’m a Clinician – I’m Never Doing Research! Engaging the Reluctant to Achieve the Impossible

Repeating Workshops: 10:30-11:45 and 13:00-14:15

 Presentation Workshop 1 – Eduardo Bruera
An Update on Delirium
 Presentation Workshop 2 – Bibiana Cujec
End of Life Issues in Patients with Heart Disease
 Presentation Workshop 3 – Jennifer Hughes
Beyond DNR: Improving Palliative Care in the Emergency Department
Presentation Workshop 4 – Angela King
Seeing Dementia From the Other Side
Resources   Responses
Presentation Workshop 5 – William Chimich and Rachel Moll-Dowdell
Behavioral and Mental Health issues in Late Life and End of Life
Presentation Workshop 6 – Ashley Heaslip
Living Fully Even As We Are Dying: Dialogues Around Intimacy and Sexuality in Palliative Care

Workshops: 15:15-16:30

Presentation Workshop 1 – Pippa Hawley
 Presentation Workshop 2 – Amanda Roze des Ordons and James Downar
Who Wants Feedback? Navigating the Difficult Conversations with Learners
 Presentation Workshop 3 – Jessica Simon
The Serious Illness Conversation Guide – A Tool for Palliative Care Education
 Presentation Workshop 4 – Christina Vadeboncoeur
Pediatric Palliative Care: Challenges for All Providers

Saturday, June 3

KEYNOTE – Serena Lewis
Applying a Generational Scope to Our Palliative Care Practice: Does Age Matter?

Repeating Workshops: 10:30-11:45 and 13:00-14:15

 Presentation Workshop 1 – Amanda Brisebois and Puneeta Tandon
Cirrhosis: How can Palliative Practitioners Help a Rapidly Growing Population? A Practical Guide
Presentation Workshop 2 – Meena Kalluri and Janice Richman-Eisenstat
Breathing is Not an Option, Dyspnea is
Presentation Workshop 3 – Wendy Johnston and Janis Miyasaki
Tips and Tools to Overcome Neurophobia in Palliative Care
 Presentation Workshop 4 – Serena Lewis
Complicated Grief or Complicating Grief: What is the Difference?
 Presentation Workshop 5 – Robin Fainsinger
Positioning our Palliative Care Program to Adapt to the MAiD Era – Interesting Times That Continue to Challenge
Presentation Workshop 6 – Daryl Rolfson
Frailty in Clinical Practice
KEYNOTE – Eduardo Bruera
Early Integration of Palliative Care Services: When and How?