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Opioid Safety Recommendations in Adult Palliative Medicine

(Nov. 2021) The CSPCP is pleased to share a summarized versionof an article published in BMJ Supportive and Palliative Care, entitled Opioid safety recommendations in adult palliative medicine: a North American Delphi expert consensus.

The CSPCP is grateful to Dr. Jenny Lau and her research team for completion of full study and the “summarized version. The CSPCP partnered with the researchers by a) helping find participants and b) reviewing the list of 130 recommendations that emerged from the Delphi study, and selecting those that are most pertinent for specialist palliative care physicians. The recommendations span six major areas:

  • General principles
  • Measures for healthcare institution and PC training and clinical programs
  • Patient and caregiver assessments
  • Prescribing practices
  • Monitoring
  • Patients and caregiver education.

  • In addition, the CSPCP identified 8 high-priority research areas from the larger list.
    We are increasingly aware of potential non-medical use and harms related to opioids in our patient populations. The study and the summary provide excellent practice guidelines for safe opioid prescribing for our adult patients.

Funding Announcement for Pan-Canadian Palliative Care Research Collaborative

(Nov 17, 2021) Today the Pan-Canadian Palliative Care Research Collaborative announced the receipt of $2.5 million from Health Canada to support a network of researchers, clinicians, and community in advancing palliative care for patients and caregivers. View press release here.

The CSPCP is proud to work with the PCPCRC as a part of the network and are excited to be a part of cross-collaborative and impactful research that supports the needs of Canadians.

The funding will support 14 projects across the country that focus on impacting patient and caregiver experiences through new models and tools, new medications and therapies for symptom management, and the impacts of COVID-19 on care, grief, and bereavement.