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CSPCP defends hospices that do not want to provide MAiD onsite

CTV news clip and article (Feb 2018)

News 1130 article (BC, Feb 2018)

CSPCP input to proposed regulations for monitoring of MAiD

Health Canada invited submissions regarding proposed regulations for monitoring of MAiD (viewable here:

The CSPCP submitted two strong recommendations:
1. To record the nature of the grievous and irremediable suffering
2. To measure, monitor, and reporting on the availability of alternatives such as palliative care, social services, and respite.

View the CSPCP submission here

Results – CSPCP Member survey regarding MAiD

In October 2017, the Canadian Society of Palliative Care Physicians (CSPCP) conducted a survey of its members regarding Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD). The purpose of the survey was to help the CSPCP Board to accurately represent members’ views and to guide future actions.

To view the results,click here

CSPCP Members voice opinions about PC and MAiD

(Oct 2017) Many CSPSP members have been educating the public about palliative care, Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD), and the relationship between the two. In recent months, Dr. Sandy Buchman shared his views with Macleans magazine, and Dr. Craig Goldie’s wrote an article for The Conversation. These thoughtful articles demonstrate the range of views that physicians are taking as they adapt to a healthcare system where MAiD is legal.

Dr. Sandy Buchman: The doctor who took on death (Macleans; Aug 15, 2017)

Dr. Craig Goldie: Who will be the doctors of death in a time of assisted suicide? (The Conversation; Oct 2017)