2018 Presentations

Speaker presentations will be added to this page as received. Click on the presentation title to download a PDF file.

Thursday, May 31

13:15-14:30 OPENING KEYNOTE – Neil MacDonald
History of Palliative Care in Canada
14:30-17:30 CSPCP Special Session
Compassion Satisfaction and Resilience: How to Thrive in Palliative Care
PART I (14:30-15:45)
How Resilience Works: Individual and System Aspects
Anthony Back
15:45-16:00 Networking Break
PART II (16:00-17:30)
Panel Discussion
Anthony Back
Monica Branigan
John Scott
Alan Taniguchi

Friday, June 1

09:00-10:00 KEYNOTE – Amy Montour
Palliative Care and Indigenous Populations
10:30-11:45 &
WORKSHOP SESSION I & 2 – Choice of 6 Workshops
Workshop 1 Neil MacDonald
Topic: Pathophysiology and Management of the  Anorexia-Cachexia Syndrome
Workshop 2 Amy Montour, Joanna Vautour, Cara Bablitz
An Indigenous “Circle of Palliative Care”: Exploring Culturally Appropriate Care With a Multi-Disciplinary Team of Indigenous Health Care Providers
Workshop 3 Russell Goldman
Home Palliative Care
Workshop 4 Amna Husain, Sarina Isenberg
Top Practice Changing Articles of 2017
Workshop 5 Camilla Zimmermann
Early Integration of Palliative Care, Evidence, Barriers, Pitfalls
Workshop 6 Kerstin de Wit
Anticoagulation in Palliative Care
15:15-16:30 WORKSHOP SESSION III – Choice of 5 Workshops (non-repeating)
Workshop 1 Gillian Fyles, Doris Barwich
Serious Illness Care – How to Have More, Earlier and Better Conversations
Workshop 2 Jessica Simon, Chandra Thomas, Michael Slawnych, Tara Lohmann
Strategies That Work for Early Palliation in Chronic Disease
Workshop 3 Giovanna Sirianni, Irene Ying, Giulia Perri
Prognostication Tools in Palliative Medicine: A Case-based, Hands-on Workshop
Workshop 4 Glen Maddison
Use of Elastomeric Subcutaneous Infusers
Workshop 5 Great Ideas and in the Works
Megan Doherty
Palliative Care in Humanitarian Crises
Megan Doherty
Experiences Implementing a Perinatal Palliative Care Program
Sarah Kawaguchi
Competence as Palliative Medicine Teachers in Competency-Based Medical Education (CBME)
Leah Norgrove
Journey Home: Working towards Cultural Safety in Palliative Care Services for Four First Nation CommunitiesClaire Slavin-Stewart
A Feasibility Study of Home-based Palliative Care Telemedicine in Rural Nova Scotia

Saturday, June 2

08:45-10:00 KEYNOTE – Maxxine Rattner
Suffering and the Role of Palliative Care
Workshop 1 Fliss Murtagh
Use of Patient-level Point of Care Outcome Measures in Palliative Care: Practical Considerations
Workshop 2 Maxxine Rattner
Acknowledging the Suffering of Palliative Care Providers
Workshop 3 Jenny Lau, Andrew Smith
Addictions and Palliative Care: How to assess and manage opioid use disorders, aberrant medication taking behaviors and overdose risk in patients receiving palliative care.
Workshop 4 10:30-11:45
Megan Doherty, Robin Williams, Christina Vadeboncoeur

Difficult Symptoms at End of Life in Pediatric Palliative Care

Workshop 4 13:00-14:15
Ahmed al-Awamer, Pamela Mosher, Norma D’Agostino

Palliative Care for Adolescents and Young Adults
Workshop 5 Alyssa Boyd, Anne Boyle
Continuous Palliative Sedation Therapy
Workshop 6 Ben Robert
14:15-15:30 KEYNOTE – Fliss Murtagh
International Perspective on Different Models of Palliative Care; and Current Evidence on Effectiveness and Cost-effectiveness