CSPCP Board 2017 – 18

(Left to Right) Anne Boyle, Bruno Gagnon, Stephanie Connidis, David Henderson, Ebru Kaya, Leonie Herx, Anna Voeuk and Stephen Singh (Missing from photo: Monica Branigan & Pippa Hawley)

Five Directors at Large were elected for a two-year term at the CSPCP AGM on June 2, 2017:

Dr. Anne Boyle (re-elected, newly appointed as Treasurer)
Dr. Stephanie Connidis (re-elected, continuing as Secretary)
Dr. Bruno Gagnon (re-elected)
Dr. David Henderson (re-elected, continuing as President)
Dr. Ebru Kaya
Dr. Stephen Singh (re-elected)

Terms are continuing for:

Dr. Monica Branigan (Director at Large)
Dr. Pippa Hawley (Director at Large)
Dr. Leonie Herx (Director at Large; newly appointed as President-Elect)
Dr. Anna Voeuk (Director at Large)

Thank you to everyone who ran for the Board, and congratulations those who were elected or re-elected. A special thank you to our outgoing Past-President Dr. Susan MacDonald for her ten years of service with the Society.