CSPCP Calls for Right to Palliative Care

The CSPCP signed an Open Letter that was sent to the Prime Minister, Justice Minister, and Health Minister of Canada on April 13, 2016, as part of nation-wide call to include a right to palliative care in assisted dying legislation. The letter and backgrounder are posted below.



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Quote from CSPCP President Dr. Susan MacDonald: β€œIts a fact of life that all of us will die. Most of us will have a chronic condition long before our lives end, and with that condition will come suffering, both physical, emotional and spiritual. Some day, you, those you love, and those you know will need good palliative care and we need to ensure that it is available to everyone. The recent Carter decision has shifted the emphasis away from palliative care to physician hastened death. Perhaps up to 3 % of Canadians may ask for assistance in hastening their deaths, while all Canadians can benefit from an integrated palliative care approach. To give Canadians true choice, we should ensure a right to palliative care when we create a right to hastened death.”