In June 2017, the CSPCP formed a Conference Committee to plan the annual Advanced Learning in Palliative Medicine Conference (ALPM), in cooperation with CSPCP staff and the CSPCP’s contracted professional conference planning firm. The conference is held in May or June of each year.

The Conference Committee will seek out 1-2 palliative care physicians in the city where the conference is being held, to provide local expertise and insights.

Terms of Reference

Committee Members:
Anna Voeuk – Chair – Overall Program Lead
Bruno Gagnon – Workshop Lead
Ebru Kaya – Sponsorship Advisor
Lawrence Lee – Accreditation Lead
Stephen Singh – Social/Member Engagement Lead
Yoko Tarumi – Abstract Lead (Posters, Great Ideas and In The Works)

Supported by:
Leeanne Akehurst, Intertask Conferences
Kim Taylor – Executive Director, CSPCP
Michelle Veer – Administrative Assistant, CSPCP

Local representative(s) ALPM 2020:
Erin Gallagher