Pediatric Palliative Care Education Subcommittee

The mandate of the Subcommittee for Pediatric Palliative Care Education is to:

a) collaborate on a national basis to establish subspecialty training programs for pediatric palliative care*
b) determine human resource requirements for clinical service provision, teaching and research for pediatric palliative care
c) to advocate for the number of individuals needed to augment and sustain programs at a viable level, including both physician and allied health resources
*Pediatric palliative care education at the undergraduate level is the responsibility of the CSPCP Undergraduate Education Committee.

Committee Members:
Stephanie VanZanten, Chair
Megan Doherty
Peter Louie
Dave Lysecki
Robin McClure
Helene Roy
Kyle Sue
Kevin Weingarten

Terms of Reference

Note: The Conference Committee is a subcommittee of the Postgraduate Education Committee