Undergrad Education Committee

The mandate of the Undergraduate Education Committee is to ensure that minimum standards are met for undergraduate palliative medical education at all Canadian medical schools.

Terms of Reference

Goals for 2018-2019

  1. Support undergraduate representatives from the Canadian faculties of medicine to champion PEOLC curriculum changes within their programs
  2. Engage partner organizations to help influence and champion curriculum change
  3. Complete the final capacity project report and submit an article for publication. Use the data to continue advocating for improved funding and support for PEOLC education
  4. When the CSPCP staffing model is complete – look at implications for educational capacity at the undergraduate level and advocate for the required capacity
  5. Continue working with the Medical Council of Canada to increase inclusion of palliative care physicians on exam-writing committees
  6. Submit posters about the EFPPEC project to CCME and EAPC
  7. Create a shared space where members of the committee can connect to exchange teaching materials
  8. Explore ways to encourage student interest groups regarding palliative care

The Undergraduate Education Committee works in collaboration with the numerous partners including the Canadian Medical Association, the Medical Council of Canada, Pallium Canada, and the Association of the Faculties of Medicine of Canada.

Chair: Dr. Sarah Burton-MacLeod – University of Alberta
Past-Chair: Dr. Craig Goldie – Queen’s University

Dr. Sarah Burton-MacLeod – University of Alberta – Chair
Dr. Margaret Cottle – University of British Columbia
Dr. Pippa Hawley – University of British Columbia
Dr. Samuel Shum – University of Calgary
Dr. Elizabeth Amos – Dalhousie University
VACANT – Université de Laval
Dr. Tim Hiebert – University of Manitoba
Dr. Golda Tradounsky – Université de McGill
Dr. Hun-Je Park – McMaster University
Dr. Susan MacDonald – Memorial University of Newfoundland
Dr. Marie-Chloé Gosselin – Université de Montréal
Dr. Christine Pun – Northern Ontario School of Medicine
Dr. Andrew Migay – Northern Ontario School of Medicine
Dr. Paula Enright – University of Ottawa
Dr. Regina Taylor-Gjevre – University of Saskatchewan
VACANT – Université de Sherbrooke
Dr. Alisha Kassam – University of Toronto
Dr. Valerie Schulz – University of Western Ontario
Dr. Patricia Valcke – University of Western Ontario
Dr. Danielle Kain – Queen’s University
Dr. Craig Goldie – Queen’s University – Past Chair
Dr. Jose Pereira – Pallium Canada
Dr. Christina Vadeboncoeur – Pediatric representative
Dr. Stephanie van Zanten – Pediatric representative
Ms. Kate Koh – Student representative

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