Opioid Safety Working Group

In March 2017, the CSPCP created a Working Group to support the Board with developing practical recommendations on how to improve opioid safety in the context of Palliative Care.

We already published a Position Statement on Access to Opioids for Patients Requiring Palliative Care in August 2016.Our next step is to provide practical suggestions to policy makers on how to improve safety and to minimize the risk of misuse and diversion.

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Working group members:
Dr. Michael Downing (Co-Chair)
Dr. Brian Kerley (Co-Chair)
Dr. Anne Boyle, Toronto, ON
Dr. Chantal Chris, Chilliwack, BC
Dr. Michael Downing, Victoria, BC
Dr. Edward Fitzgibbon, Ottawa, ON
Dr. Pippa Hawley, Vancouver, BC
Dr. Brian Kerley, Niagara, ON
Dr. Jenny Lau, Toronto, ON
Dr. Greg Patey, Kingston, ON
Dr. Teneille Gofton, London, ON (Liaison to Choosing Wisely Canada)