Palliative Approach to Care Education (PACE) Working Group

The PACE working group was formed in November 2017. The goal of the group was to provide a comprehensive description of the core palliative competencies for non-palliative specialty training programs of both the CFPC and Royal College to the CSPCP Board as well as provide models for teaching evidenced-based palliative care to these various trainees.

The PACE working group fulfilled its mandate in September 2019 with release of Postgraduate Competencies for Palliative Care: A Guidance Document:


The document is intended to describe the palliative care competencies that specialists from disciplines other than Palliative Medicine should have upon completion of their residency in order to provide a palliative approach to care for people with life-threatening conditions, and their families.

The document will be circulated to Specialty Committees for whom the competencies are likely to be pertinent, including Family Medicine, and to stakeholders involved in palliative care medical education. The CSPCP and champions in the medical education community will be advocating for inclusion of these competencies in the relevant curricula and examinations.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the project, including the PACE Working Group and the CSPCP Postgraduate Education Committee, and translators.

More information is available in the TOR: Read More

Working Group Members
Leonie Herx – co-chair
Teneille Gofton – co-chair
Carl Bromwich
James Downar
Shaundra Popowich
Giovanna Sirianni
Chris Vadeboncoeur
Samantha Winemaker
Representative from the Royal College -Jason Frank
Representative from the CFPC – Nancy Fowler
Kim Taylor (project management/support)