Postgrad Education Committee

The mandate of the Postgraduate Education Committee is to coordinate the efforts of the program directors to support individual programs to train excellent palliative care physicians, and to help advance the academic standing of palliative care across Canada.

Terms of Reference

Activity in 2020/2021

  • See activities of Accredited Pediatric Postgraduate Education Subcommittee below
  • Yearly Pediatric Palliative Care national academic half day for Adult PC trainees (first date Jan 2020)

Focus for 2021/2022

  • Participation in RCPSC development of Palliative Medicine to Competence by Design model
  • Strengthening membership and creating a pediatric palliative care network across Canada.
  • Continue to welcome new members working in Pediatric Palliative Medicine to committee
  • Sharing of information and resources
  • Continued pediatric content at ALPM
  • Review and update membership list

Chair: Dr. Craig Goldie – Queen’s University
Past-Chair: Dr. Chris Barnes – University of Ottawa

Dr. Anoo Tamber – University of British Columbia
Dr. Julia Ridley – University of British Columbia
Dr. Andreanne Cote – University of Montreal
Dr. Anne Marie Krueger-Naug – Dalhousie University
Dr. Ebru Kaya – University of Toronto
Dr. Sarah Kawaguchi – University of Toronto
Dr. Nadin Gilroy – University of Manitoba
Dr. Sarah Burton-MacLeod – University of Alberta
Dr. Katherine Liu – University of Calgary
Dr. Stephanie Muir – University of Calgary
Dr. Anita Singh – University of Western Ontario
Dr. Anne Boyle – McMaster University
Dr. Mino Mitri – McMaster University
Dr. Golda Tradounsky – McGill University
Dr. Samir Azzaria – University of Laval
Dr. Carl Bromwich – University of Sherbrooke

Supported by:
Michelle Veer – Administrative Assistant, CSPCP