Narratives from Medical Students

This section features top narratives about palliative care that were submitted to the CSPCP through the Undergraduate Narrative Award for Palliative Medicine.


Dear Mrs. P, by Zoe Lau, Queen’s University – Winner
CMAJ February 11, 2019 191 (6) E168-E169; DOI:
Posted with permission from CMAJ: Read more


The winning entry by Calvin Santiago (Queen’s University) is scheduled for publication in CMAJ in February or March 2019. It will be posted here when available.


Two of the top 3 narratives were submitted to the Canadian Medical Association Journal, CMAJ. Thank you to the CMAJ for allowing us to share these.

Rendez-Vous, by Diana Kim, UBC – Honorable mention
CMAJ 2017 March 27;189:E470. doi: 10.1503/cmaj.161238
Reproduced with permission from CMAJ: Read More
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The Expert, by Shannon Chun, Queen’s University – Honorable mention
Online August 8th. Print publication coming soon.
Reproduced with permission from CMAJ: Read More

Permission has not been obtained to publish or post the winning narrative from Jenny McCormack at UBC.