Membership Benefits

Membership in the CSPCP benefits both you and the Society.

Your membership in CSPCP provides you with:

  • A community of MDs from coast-to-coast-to-coast, both full-time and part-time, with the opportunities for networking, education (especially annual conference), and peer support
  • Reduced registration fees for our annual conference and other educational events. Members save approximately $350 on conference registration! (Note: you must be a physician, medical resident or medical student to register for the conference).
  • Reduced registration fees for online study modules (designed to help you prepare for the Royal College examination for the Subspecialty in Palliative Medicine, or for self-study)
  • 85% Discount on online personal subscriptions for the Journal of Palliative Medicine (save over $500!)
  • 25% Discount on Article Processing Charges (APC) for Palliative Medicine Reports (save $300!)
  • Exclusive opportunity to submit proposals for member-led workshops at the CSPCP’s Advanced Learning in Palliative Medicine conference
  • Opportunity to have CSPCP share your social media posts and opinion articles when aligned with the values of the CSPCP
  • A forum for sharing ideas
  • A voice for yourself and your specialty
  • A vehicle for liaising with other professional bodies such as CMA, CFPC, RCP, CHPCA regarding issues of interest to the field
  • Access to professional recognition via Awards in palliative medicine
  • Opportunities to contribute to the advancement of palliative medicine in Canada, through participation in surveys, committees, and/or Board work
    Your membership enables the Society to:

    • Ensure our collective voice is heard on matters of concern to the palliative medicine
    • Continue to improve our educational and lobbying efforts
    • Continue contributing to the development of new palliative medicine credentials in Canada
    • Develop a Palliative Medicine Workforce Plan for Canada
    • Advocate for increased recognition and remuneration for palliative care physicians
    • Continue to build our infrastructure to support the activities of our Board, committees and working groups