Pre-conference Programming

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Two pre-conference workshops will be offered on Wednesday, May 3

12:00-17:00 – Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS)
$450 per participant (24 participants)
Westin Hotel Calgary
Workshop Leaders: Frank Myslik, Western University and James Downar, University of Ottawa

This course is aimed at practitioners who are beginning their pathway to competence in point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) and those wishing to enhance their skills in extended applications within palliative care. This will be a hands-on workshop using task trainers and ultrasound machines. Expert and experienced faculty from various disciplines will discuss use of POCUS throughout the day with small lectures in between hands-on sections.

A flipped classroom model where video lectures and content are electronically sent ahead of time will be used for participants to review. This course will feature an outstanding faculty to learner ratio for hands-on sessions and innovative image interpretation sessions. Topics covered:

  • Instructions on knobology and utilizing an ultrasound machine
  • Identification of pleural diffusion and abdominal free fluid
  • How to perform and landmark for ultrasound guided paracentesis and thoracentesis
  • Dynamic needle guidance and visualization for procedures
  • Performing a lower extremity venous compression exam
  • How to identify proximal lower extremity deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
  • Assessment of urinary retention and catheter confirmation
  • Potential extended applications for use in palliative care (ie: small bowel obstruction, pulmonary edema)
  • Implementation in palliative care units and home visits
  • Clinical case discussion and integration of POCUS in practice

16:00-18:00 – What does it mean to care in palliative care ? A narrative medicine workshop (all levels)
$55 (20 participants)
Westin Hotel Calgary
Note: this is an unaccredited session
Workshop leaders: Catherine Courteau and Laurence Laneuville

Join colleagues from across Canada in this cozy, small group setting. Writing book and stationary will be provided.  No close reading/writing experience required. We invite you to join us for the simple pleasure of reading and writing together as a community.

In this narrative medicine workshop, we will think deeply about a culture of care, caring, and being taken care of. We will do a close reading of an excerpt from The Life Before Us by Romain Gary, followed by a writing exercise. We will ask ourselves: How does a care-based profession survive in a cure-centered world? When we operationalize/institutionalize care, do we distort it? But most all, do we have the capacity to care for everyone who needs it?