QELCCC Supports CSPCP Education Initiatives

In January 2014, David Henderson and Kim Taylor attended the Quality End-of-Life Care Coalition (QELCCC) annual meeting in Ottawa.  The QELCCC consists of 34 national organizations who have an interest in advancing palliative care.  David and Kim put the CSPCP’s education initiatives forward for endorsement from the entire coalition. 

The education committee agreed to take on a project to identify which professional schools had developed core competencies and curriculum.  For those that have (Medicine, Nursing and Social Work) we will write a letter of support from the QELCCC for integration into all the schools across the country and request a follow up report in a few years (3) to see how this is going.  For professions not yet with core competencies and curriculum we will write a letter encouraging the development of same (pharmacy, spiritual care, OT, PT).

The Advocacy committee agreed to develop a political “ask” in early 2014 around interdisciplinary education that will be endorsed by all of the 34 QELCCC member organizations.  The ask will highlight the need for additional hours of undergraduate palliative medical education on palliative care in the Faculties of Medicine.