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Congratulations to Queen’s University student Zoe Lau, winner of the 2018 Undergraduate Narrative Award for Palliative Medicine. We have invited Ms. Lau to personally share her narrative at the 2019 Advanced Learning in Palliative Medicine Conference in Calgary (May 23 – 25, 2019). She will also receive a cash prize of $500, generously sponsored by Pallium Canada. We have also encouraged her to submit her narrative for potential publication.

Each year the award is granted in honour of a palliative care physician who has shown an enduring commitment to the integration of the arts and humanities into the practice of palliative medicine. This year’s honouree is Dr. Lyle Galloway from the University of Calgary.

Thank you to all entrants and to the 2018 judging committee: Margaret Cottle (CSPCP Undergraduate Education Committee), Lyle Galloway (Honoree, U. of Calgary), Carol-Ann Courneya (Advisor), Cori Schroder (CSPCP Awards Committee), and Barbara Sibbald (CMAJ).

For detailed information about this award, see the Awards Page on this web site.

CSPCP members featured in National Post series

(Sept/Oct 2017) The National Post is publishing a 4-part series called “Redefining Palliative Care”. The series is sponsored by the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer (CPAC).

Story 1 – “Report calls for new understanding of palliative care for people with cancer” quotes CSPCP member Dr. Deborah Dudgeon and CSPCP President Dr. David Henderson.

Story 2 – “Why you shouldn’t be afraid of palliative care” quotes CSPCP member Dr. Camilla Zimmermann.

Story 3 – “Living better with an advanced disease” is a patient story about the benefits of early palliative care, with commentary from Shane Sinclair, associate professor in the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Calgary.

Story 4 – “Better access to home palliative care needed in Canada” is a patient story about the benefits of home palliative care. It includes commentary from Nadine Henningson from the Canadian Home Care Association and Dr. Heather Bryant from CPAC.